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‘Wish Kat Slater!’: The savage Wife Swap fight which has resurfaced 18 years later and it’s British TV gold

So good!

A savage Wife Swap UK fight has resurfaced recently, and it’s absolute British TV gold.

The clip, which is from 18 years ago, has found its way over to TikTok, and viewers are loving it! 

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Savage fight on Wife Swap UK resurfaces on TikTok

A clip from an 18-year-old episode of Wife Swap UK has, for some reason, resurfaced on TikTok recently.

For those who don’t know, Wife Swap UK was a Channel 4 show that saw two families swap wives and mums for two weeks. Usually, the wives were from totally contrasting backgrounds and social standings, leading to clashes with their “new” families.

At the end of the episodes, the wives and their husbands would meet with their counterparts and, more often than not, have big arguments.

The clip that has resurfaced features wives, Penny Roberts and Penny Blythe clashing during the table meeting towards the end of the episode.

The clip begins with Devon mother-of-three, Penny Roberts branding Penny Blythe an “awful mother”.

“You made out to me that you were an awful mother, and I’m sorry but I agree with you,” she said.

She then urged the Welsh mother to spend more time with her son, Harvey.

Penny Roberts on Wife Swap UK
Penny clashed with other Penny on Wife Swap UK (Credit: Channel 4)

Resurfaced Wife Swap UK clip descends into chaos

The clip then continues. Welsh Penny then says: “Can I just say something? You call yourself a housewife. When I read your manual, I [bleeped] myself laughing. I read your manual, and I thought I was in the wrong [bleeping] house.”

She then continued, accusing Devon Penny of allowing her children to “live in filth”.

“You are such a LIAR!” Devon Penny shouted. Welsh Penny then branded Devon Penny’s sister a “fat [bleep]”.

“That’s all your family are. You’re all fat,” she then said. Devon Penny didn’t like that.

“Who the [bleep] are you to call my family fat,” she fumed. “Well, you are!” Welsh Penny cried. “You stuck-up cow! Take your face off and stop hiding behind it. Get a [bleeping] grip with life and be there for your son,” Devon Penny retorted.

“You’re a stinking cow, go back to your hovel,” Welsh Penny said.

“Do you know what, you’re not [bleeping] worthy of my family. And do you know what else lady? I’m telling you, you’re a bad mother,” Devon Penny then said, before throwing a glass of water over Welsh Penny.

Penny Blythe and husband
Penny branded other Penny “fat” (Credit: Channel 4)

Viewers react to dramatic clip

TikTok users took the comment section to react to the dramatic clip, with one viewer branding Welsh Penny a “Wish Kat Slater”.

“Wife Swap back then was wild,” one TikTok user commented.

“Went as well as you could hope [laughing emoji] TEAM BLONDE PENNY,” another said.

“Glass of water? I would’ve been across the table, she would be minus a mullet,” a third wrote.

“That went really well I think,” another user said. “TV was so much better than now,” a fifth commented.

“TV gold. Bring it back!!!” another begged.

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