Will there be a Shetland series 9?

Will there be a series 9 of Shetland on BBC One? Will Ashley Jensen be back as DI Ruth Calder?

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The latest series of Shetland has come to an end on BBC One, with more twists and turns than a snake pit, but will there be a series 9?

Season 8 of the popular Scottish detective drama was the first without Douglas Henshall in the leading role, and the future might have looked dicey. However, with Ashley Jensen filling his boots, the series has been considered a success.

The grand finale of the latest series ended with her character DI Ruth Calder pondering her future. Dare we say, she even looked like she might want to stay on the beautiful Scottish island?

So will there be a series 9 of Shetland? Will actress Ashley be back playing Ruth in the future? Here’s everything we know so far…

***Warning: spoilers from Shetland series 8 ahead***

Ashley Jensen as DI Ruth Calder in Shetland series 8
Ashley Jensen as DI Ruth Calder in Shetland series 8 (Credit: ITV Studios/Jamie Simpson)

Will there be a series 9 of Shetland?

The BBC has not yet commissioned another series of Shetland. However, they’d be mad not too.

Great viewing figures for series 8 proved that the series still has legs. And we think Ruth Calder and Tosh make a great team. So watch this space.

On July 20 2022, it was announced that Shetland would return without Henshall in 2023 for an eighth series. Ashley Jensen was revealed as his replacement on 24 November that same year. So we may have to wait a few months until we find out the fate of series 9.

Will Ashley Jensen be back as DI Ruth Calder?

Actress Ashley Jensen has said she’d love to return as DI Ruth Calder for future series of Shetland.

In the final episode of Shetland series 8, Ruth revealed she planned to spend “a month or two” on the island reconnecting with her family, and her hometown. She was last seen heading into the sea in honour of her old flame Cal.

Viewers know that the character reluctantly arrived in Shetland in episode 1 with a lifetime of baggage about her hometown on her back. However, having spent some time back home, she began to appreciate the island for its beauty, and her history with the place.

Having finally become closer to her estranged brother Alan, Ruth felt connected to her only living family member. At the end of Shetland episode 6, she told Tosh she was taking extended leave from work at the Met Police.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show in November, Ashley said: “I have no idea how it will continue. I don’t know if there will be another after it. So I just literally treated it as a six-part series.”

Talking about a possible series 9, Ashley told Josie Gibson and Rylan Clark on This Morning: “That’s entirely up to whether people watch it and like it.” She said she would “absolutely” go back to film another series.

She laughed: “I’ve got puffins to see up there, and orcas. Listen, I didn’t seen anything during filming.”

Tosh and Ruth interrogating Grace Bain in Shetland episode 6
Tosh and Ruth interrogating Grace Bain in Shetland episode 6 (Credit: ITV Studios)

Do fans want Shetland to return for a series 9?

Shetland series 8 has had its fans. One wrote on Twitter, now known as X: “Shetland series 8 without Perez is just as good.”

Another said: “I have to say that I am loving #AshleyJenson in the new series of #Shetland.”

A third added: “Shetland series 8 is just brilliant. Ashley Jensen as Ruth Calder is brilliant, and Alison O’Donnell as Tosh is brilliant, just hope Ashley Jensen stays.”

“I think this series of #Shetland is the best one yet,” added one more. “I like Ashley Jensen, she brings some humour to the role, and the dynamic between her and Tosh is believable. Glad to see Sandy taking more of a role too.”

One more gushed: “I’m really enjoying the new series of Shetland. It’s absolutely brilliant; just the same as all the other series but with a few new people, hopefully there’ll be many more series to come.”

However, the series had some haters, too. One wrote: “Loved Shetland, but this new series is pish. Poorly put together, dragged out, weak writing. Some characters have done total 180’s too. Should’ve been left where it was.”

Another agreed, typing: “I love #Shetland. Your wonderful books and the previous series, but so not loving the one on TV at present. It’s drawn out and the new character from London is unprofessional and very selfish. Bring back Perez.”

A third said: “Finding this series of #Shetland to be full of plot holes and storylines left hanging.”

“I’ll watch the last episode but won’t bother if there’s another series,” fumed another.

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