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The Responder episode 2: 6 burning questions we need answers to

Martin Freeman's Chris Carson was faced with a huge moral dilemma

The Responder episode 2 andChris Carson (Martin Freeman) faced another difficult night shift.

Chris spent most of it driving around Liverpool asking various deviants if they’d seen Casey. Chris was under the impression Casey was safe after packing her off on a train, but it seems she lied to him.

Chris in the responder
It was another busy shift for Chris (credit: iPlayer)

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He also managed to really annoy Rachel Hargreaves, who ended their first shift together by calling him ‘toxic’ and screaming some colourful language at him.

We’ve got even more questions after this episode than we did after episode one. WARNING: THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS.

What will Chris do with the drugs?

Chris managed to find the missing cocaine, in the place where Casey was sleeping. He was understandably annoyed that she’d known where it was the whole time. But what is he going to do with the holdall containing the drugs?

He wants to do the ‘right’ thing and take the bag to the station. But he also knows that if he does that he’ll be putting himself, his wife and daughter and Casey in danger.

‘You’re as dead as I am,’ Casey warned him, as he headed off with the drugs, determined to book them in. But will he?

Is Ray really investigating Chris?

Ray has definitely got an unhealthy interest in Chris and what he’s up to. The end of the episode showed the DI calling Rachel, telling him that he was leading an investigation into Chris. But that doesn’t seem to tally as Ray’s own partner was confused as to why he was tailing Chris.

Ray is telling anyone who’ll listen that Chris is corrupt, we’ve seen Line of Duty though and our newly-developed skills are suggesting that Ray is actually the corrupt one.

Why does Ray hate Chris so much?

Ray in The Responder
This is a man with an agenda (credit: iPlayer)

It’s been referenced several times that Ray got Chris demoted and that it wasn’t a very popular decision. Ray seems to think that Chris should have been fired over whatever happened. But what was it?

There’s also the small issue of Ray trying to rekindle his affair with Chris’ wife, Kate. Is Kate at the root of Ray’s hatred for Chris? Or is she another pawn in his game?

What’s the score with Rachel’s boyfriend?

As well as having finely developed skills in spotting bent coppers, we’re also good at spotting abusive men. Rachel was seen texting her boyfriend, Steve, who ignored her.

When, later, she called him to ask him to pick her up after Chris left her, he refused. He was too busy playing on his xbox. Rachel deserves better.

There was also a reference to someone called ‘Steve-O’. Could they be one in the same?

Is the old homeless man, Davey, someone to do with Chris?

Martin Freeman is Chris in The Responder
Was there tenderness in his eyes when he talked to Davey? (credit: iPlayer)

While looking for Casey, Chris helped out a confused homeless man called Davey. His bed had been set fire to by some youths and he was distressed.

But there was a tiny, blink-and you-miss-it, moment where Chris looked at him meaningfully. We know that Chris has had some issues with his dad who he branded a monster in the first episode. Is Davey somehow involved in what happened to Chris?

How do Chris and Carl know each other?

What’s the backstory between Carl and Chris in The Responder?

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Carl claimed that he and Chris have been friends for over 40 years. When he went into Chris’ house to call him and threaten his family, Kate seemed to have no idea that he’s a dangerous criminal.

She even asked Carl if Chris had spoken to him about any problems he was having. It’s a very weird friendship and we need to know more about how it came about.

The Responder continues Tuesday 1 February on BBC One and all episodes are available on BBC iPlayer

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