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Rob Rinder gushes over ‘finding someone who loves you truly’ in joint TV appearance with Rylan following ‘romance’ claim

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Rob Rinder and Rylan Clark have reflected on their “beautiful” friendship during an appearance on The One Show.

The TV personalities appeared on the BBC One series on Tuesday (May 14) evening to promote their Grand Tour programme.

And amid speculation concerning whether there is any romance between the pair – which Rylan recently denied – Rylan and Rob addressed what they’ve been through in their personal lives.

Rob Rinder and Rylan sit on The One Show sofa
Rob Rinder and Rylan appeared on The One Show together on Tuesday evening (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Rob Rinder and Rylan latest news

The One Show host Alex Jones asked about how proud they were of their show together portraying them taking on Italy.

“We knew we’d made something special,” Rylan replied.

He went on: “We knew that we were doing something really different to what’s been done before. We knew how special it was – and we were just hoping people would get it. And the reaction has just been so overwhelming.”

Rob also spoke about how “one of the happiest moments” for him was “watching Rylan regularly be the cleverest and most beautiful person in the world”.

Rob Rinder looks at Rylan
Rob Rinder and Rylan take in the sights during their Grand Tour (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

The pals also complimented one another as they spoke about what they learned about themselves and each other.

Rob enthused: “What Rylan gifted me – and by the way, people might misjudge you because of the way you sound or the way you look – your great superpower is to go into the world and be misjudged. Because those are the people that lose out, right? And that’s part of what you’ve gifted me. But also being present.”

Rylan, meanwhile, joked about the tough times both have experienced away from the cameras.

“We shared the same divorce lawyer,” he joked.

Rylan continued: “We didn’t know. Honestly. You could not have written this. Me and Rob both went through a very similar experience with our divorces and things like that.

This trip couldn’t have come at a better time.

“And we say in the show, this trip couldn’t have come at a better time. It was like a brand new restart.”

The One Show last night

Rylan added how he felt he returned from the trip “genuinely like a new man”.

“I was like, ‘Oh, there is still a life out there’,” he said. “And I know that sounds really cheesy, like we’re trying to flog our show.”

To which Rob added, sweetly: “That beautiful, platonic friendship which I think… a lot of people would be there in the middle of the night in an emergency you know, the emergency services will do that for you and people want to inculcate themselves in your terrible drama, you know, and have a speaking part.

“It’s when you find someone who loves you truly in life that you can telephone when something great happens, and they’ll cheer with you in success. That’s the person.”


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