Kate smiling and Prince William looking serious during royal outings

Prince William insists Princess Kate is ‘doing better’ amid cancer treatment

William attended a royal engagement with King Charles and Queen Camilla

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Prince William has shared a health update on wife Kate, Princess of Wales, during a recent royal outing.

On Wednesday, William attended a tribute to D-Day veterans.

Queen Camilla and King Charles also attended the 80th anniversary of D-Day commemorations, where they listened to Navy veteran Eric Bateman talk about his experience as a soldier.

Eric served on Utah beach during the landings in the Second World War.

Eric recalled the horrors he had endured during the Second World War, including the loss of his comrades. It was then that Queen Camilla could be seen being overwhelmed by emotion.

King Charles with solemn expression beside Queen Camilla fighting tears
Queen Camilla looked to be fighting back tears whilst at a royal outing on Wednesday (Credit: Jack Hill/Pool/Shutterstock )

Queen Camilla tearful during royal outing

Eric explained how he and his fellow soldiers bravely disembarked from boats onto the shores of Northern France. He recalled: “So many men and women, including my dear friend Fred, joined up with me. But, unfortunately never made it.”

Queen Camilla looked teary as Eric stated his story, whilst King Charles also was seen dabbing his eyes.

The King paid tribute to veterans at the commemorations. He addressed their “courage, resilience and solidarity” amid the atrocities they faced during the Second World War.

The King also stated that the veteran’s stories “cannot fail to move us, to inspire us and to remind us of what we owe to that great wartime generation”.

He went on to say: “It is our privilege to hear that testimony, but our role is not purely passive. It is our duty to ensure that we and future generations do not forget their service and their sacrifice in replacing tyranny with freedom.”

The monarch added: “It remains our solemn duty to continue to honour the outstanding gallantry, service and sacrifice of those who took part in that perilous mission.”

The King also stated that Britain today is “eternally indebted” to the veterans and their efforts.

Queen Camilla wearing a pink hat with emotional expression
Queen Camilla looked very emotional (Credit: Jack Hill/Pool/Shutterstock )

Prince William attends D-Day commemorations

Elsewhere, Prince William also attended the commemorations, where he spoke and greeted people. In a polite exchange, one veteran asked Prince William: “I was going to ask you if your wife was getting any better?”

The Prince of Wales graciously responded: “Yes… she would have loved to have been here today.”

He continued: “I was reminding everybody, her grandmother served at Bletchley. So, she would have had quite a bit in common with a few of the other ladies here who served at Bletchley but never spoke about it until the very end.”

Prince William speaking at the D-Day 80th commemorations
Prince William addressed the crowd at the commemorations (Credit: Youtube)

Prince William spoke of Kate’s paternal grandmother, Valerie Glassborow, later Middleton. Valerie had worked at the Second World War codebreaking centre.

The Princess of Wales is currently undergoing preventive chemotherapy for an undisclosed form of cancer.

William also paid a poignant tribute to the veterans by reading an extract from a veteran’s diary. The diary belonged to Captain Alastair Bannerman of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Captain Alastair had written in his diary to his wife on the morning ahead of the D-Day landings.

Prince William, who said he was “deeply honoured” to address the crowd,  stated: “We will always remember those who served and those who waved them off. The mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who watched their loved ones go into battle, unsure if they would ever return.”

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