Bianca, Sharon and Elaine and Linda in EastEnders spoilers

13 EastEnders spoilers for next week including Bianca’s on the warpath, Sharon makes a decision and Linda wants help

Can she stop drinking for good this time?

EastEnders spoilers for next week have revealed Bianca on the warpath when it comes to Reiss, Sharon making a heartbreaking decision, and Linda finally realising it’s time to get help for her drinking.

Here are 13 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

Bianca in EastEnders watches Reiss and Sonia in deep discussion
Reiss is trying to comfort Sonia but Bianca is watching (Credit: BBC)

1. Bianca’s suspicious

Bianca is keeping her beady eye on Reiss, suspicious that he’s not the man he says he is. And it seems she’s on to something because Reiss is so desperate for cash that he tells Kat that she didn’t pay her February tax bill in the hope of getting his mitts on her money.

Unfortunately for Reiss, he’s soon left regretting that plan. And when Kat mentions his request to Bianca, Ms Jackson’s even more suspicious.

She follows Reiss to the care home where she overhears him asking his wife, Debbie, if he can borrow more money!

He’s horrified when he realises B has overheard.

What will she do next?

Reiss looks coldly at Bianca as he hugs Sonia in EastEnders
Reiss is keeping a lot of secrets (Credit: BBC)

2. Junior trains Ian!

Cindy’s decided it’s time for Ian to shape up so she talks their personal trainer son Peter into taking his dad on as a client.

EastEnders: Peter and Ian working out in the gym
Peter offers to train Ian (Credit: BBC)

The father and son duo head to the boxing gym to get sweaty, but Peter’s mind is elsewhere and he’s soon deciding he’d rather be spending time with Lauren than his dad.

Junior in EastEnders broods
Junior takes over when Ian has to go (Credit: BBC)

Never fear, though, because there’s someone else ready to take on the job of training Mr Beale.

Junior Knight!

Junior points out Ian Beale's form at the gym in EastEnders
Junior puts Ian through his paces (Credit: BBC)

Of course what Ian doesn’t know is that Junior’s been getting frisky with Cindy.

Can he be trusted to put Ian through his paces safely?

Or will Ian be left to regret embarking on his new fitness regime?!

Junior points out Ian Beale's form at the gym in EastEnders
Junior’s got beef with Ian (Credit: BBC)

3. Has Ian gone too far in EastEnders spoilers?!

It seems Ian’s in trouble when he doubles over in pain after his training session with Junior.

Kathy gabs Ian as he clutches his chest and Peter looks on worriedly in the cafe in EastEnders
Ian’s in all kinds of pain after his workout with Junior! (Credit: BBC)

Cindy’s fuming, convinced Junior’s pushed poor Ian too far to impress her.

But Ian’s playing up his symptoms for sympathy, and when Cindy confronts Junior, it seems Ian’s telling the truth.

Ian, Cindy and Peter look tense in the cafe
Everyone’s worried about Ian (Credit: BBC)

4. Denzel and Nugget make big plans

Giddy with freedom, with Patrick and Yolande still away, Denzel and Nugget decide they need to make the most of their free house.

EastEnders: Nugget and Denzel working out in the gym
Denzel and Nugget make plans with their friends at the gym (Credit: BBC)

So they invite all their friends from the gym back to number 20 for a party. But there’s a surprise in store…

Kim, Howie, Pearl and Mica are shocked when they return to a party
Kim and Howie are back from their trip! (Credit: BBC)

5. Surprise returns in EastEnders spoilers!

As Denzel and Nugget’s party gets going it’s soon getting out of hand.

And just as things are getting pretty out of control, there’s a surprise in store!

It’s Denzel’s dad Howie, along with Kim and her kids, Pearl and Micah.

They’re shocked to see what’s been going on while they were away! Are the teens in big trouble?!

Denzel in EastEnders looks caught out
Is Denzel in trouble? (Credit: BBC)

6. Elaine’s trying to help

As Father’s Day approaches, Linda is struggling, becoming emotional about losing Mick. Elaine decides to throw a Father’s Day event in The Vic but Linda is shocked when Bernie reveals they’re holding Keanu’s funeral on Thursday.

She asks if they can hold the wake in the pub, and Elaine agrees.

Linda can’t cope, so she heads upstairs to have a drink where she’s found by a worried Johnny.

Linda lies that she’s going to tell Sharon the news, but Bernie beats her to it. Sharon’s upset to find out from Johnny that Linda knew already, but they’re soon distracted by a drunk Mrs Carter.

Elaine, Linda and Johnny have a tense discussion in The Queen Vic in EastEnders
Elaine plans an event in the pub (Credit: BBC)

7. Chelsea covers up for Denzel

Howie and Kim have a LOT of questions for Denzel after the party they arrived home in the middle of. But Chelsea covers up for the wayward teen, leaving Denzel grateful.

Kim, Howie, Denzel, Denise and Chelsea in the cafe in EastEnders
Kim wants to know what’s been going on (Credit: BBC)

He’s not off the hook though, because later in The Vic, Chelsea is suspicious about what Denzel’s up to. He leaves the family gathering and slips off on his own, leaving Chelsea wondering what his behaviour is all about.

EastEnders: Kim and Howie return and lord it up
Chelsea covers up for Denzel (Credit: BBC)

8. Bianca gives Reiss an ultimatum

Bianca is reeling after finding out what Reiss has been up to.

She gives him an ultimatum – either he tells Sonia the truth about what he’s been doing – or she will.

Sonia, Reiss and Bianca look worried in EastEnders
Bianca’s got something to say (Credit: BBC)

9. Sharon stages an intervention!

Johnny and Sharon are desperate to sober up a drunken Linda. In despair, Sharon has a heart to heart with Kathy and realises it’s time to act.

Hungover Linda lies in bed as worried Johnny and Sharon look.
Sharon’s worried about her friend (Credit: BBC)

So she decides to help her friend and books Linda into an AA meeting.

Hungover Linda lies in bed as worried Johnny and Sharon look.
Sharon decides it’s time to take action (Credit: BBC)

Linda, thankfully, realises Sharon’s done the right thing, and agrees to go along.

Hungover Linda lies in bed as worried Johnny and Sharon look.
Will Linda agree? (Credit: BBC)

10. Sharon makes a decision in EastEnders spoilers

Meanwhile, Sharon’s making decisions of her own. She realises it’s time to tell Albie about Keanu.

EastEnders: Sharon watches Albie playing with his cars, she's crying
Sharon decides it’s time to tell Albie about Keanu (Credit: BBC)

Linda offers to help but Sharon wants to do it alone. After some words of advice from Martin, she tells the little lad what happened to Keanu.

And she decides that she’s going to go to the funeral for Albie’s sake.

Sharon in EastEnders talks to Albie looking emotional
Sharon explains what’s happened (Credit: BBC)

11. Kim’s not happy!

Kim is fuming that Patrick and Yolande sloped off and left Denzel to fend for himself – not realising there was a reason for them wanting to escape Albert Square.

Kim looks worried in EastEnders
Kim isn’t pleased that Patrick and Yolande left Denzel alone (Credit: BBC)

She gives the older couple a piece of her mind, as Howie struggles to reconnect with his son.

Later Denzel meets with Ebony but they’re interrupted by Howie and a humiliated Denzel storms off. Can they rebuild their relationship?

EastEnders: Kim is annoyed with Patrick and Yolande
Kim gives Patrick and Yolande a telling off! (Credit: BBC)

12. Sharon heads to Keanu’s funeral

Sharon decides she’s going to Keanu’s funeral, despite the history between them.

Meanwhile Kathy and Linda hold their own, private memorial at the Arches.

Sharon looks devastated in EastEnders
Sharon wants to pay her respects (Credit: BBC)

13. EastEnders spoilers: Denise opens up to Kim

Denise tells Kim about her mental health crisis and opens up about everything that happened while her sister was away.

Denise and Kim talk seriously in EastEnders
Denise tries to tell Kim about her breakdown (Credit: BBC)

But despite D telling Kim most of what went on, she’s reluctant to give away the real reason for her breakdown, despite Kim asking more questions.

Will Denise crack?

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