Anna is mugged with George and Cindy either side

EastEnders: Anna’s mugging was arranged by Cindy or Junior, a new fan theory predicts

But would they really put Anna in harm's way?

EastEnders fans are convinced someone close to Anna Knight is linked to her mugging! Two shocking fan theories predict that either Anna’s mum, Cindy, or her brother, Junior, arranged for the young woman to be attacked in Albert Square!

But why would Anna’s family turn on her like that? And if either EastEnders theory is true, what would George do if he finds out?!

EastEnders: George, Anna and Cindy share a hug and a giggle
Has Cindy planned all this just to get back on George’s good side? (Credit: BBC)

Anna mugged in EastEnders

Anna was waiting for sister Gina, and chatting to brother Junior on the phone, when she was pushed over by a masked man, who stole her bag and left her grazed and shaken.

And now Cindy’s making the most of the opportunity to get closer to George as she shows concern for her daughter.

While Junior seems to be lurking round Walford and generally acting suspicious.

So it’s no surprise the EastEnders viewers are convinced there is more to Anna’s mugging than meets the eye.

EastEnders: Anna shows off her bruise to Gina in The Vic kitchen
Anna was hurt by the mugger (Credit: BBC)

Fans react

Some fans reckon Cindy was the brains behind the brawn.

“Getting closer to Anna could be the only way she can remain close to George,” mused one viewer, while another said Cindy was “taking full advantage” of the drama.

“I have a feeling Cindy paid the man to get Anna mugged,” suggested another suspicious fan.

But Cindy isn’t the only person the viewers are suspicious about. Other fans think the mugging could have been arranged by George’s son, Junior.

“Something tells me he may know something…” one fan suggested.

Could Anna’s mugging be even more sinister than it first appeared? What do you think?

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