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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Cindy chooses between George and Ian – but will they choose her back?

Anna's mugging has put things into perspective

EastEnders spoilers for tonight reveal Cindy has made her choice between George and Ian – but will the man in question reciprocate her feelings?

Also, Eve lays into Nish, but Suki pulls her away, and Maya is fuming at Harvey for looking her up online. But what has she got to hide?

George in EastEnders folds his arms as he talks to Cindy
George has a choice to make – Cindy or Elaine? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Cindy wants George

Cindy is on a mission to get George back in EastEnders on Tuesday May 4. She makes plans for a family dinner and movie night with Anna and Gina in order to win him over. Elaine offers Anna the flat at The Vic for the evening, unaware of what Cindy’s really planning.

Meanwhile, Cindy and Ian have a row, but will he realise what’s going on?

George is later making dinner at No.55 and Cindy arrives dressed to kill. Ian is waiting at home with a surprise romantic meal for two as an apology, but will he realise where she is?

As Cindy prepares to make her move, will George tell her what she wants to hear? Or has Cindy risked her entire future with Ian for something that will never happen? Does she even deserve to have George back?

Eve in EastEnders looks worried with a cup of coffee
Eve’s not happy (Credit: BBC)

Eve lashes out

Sickened by Vinny and Nish cosying up, Eve is furious at the betrayal. However Suki steps in and shuts her down.

Eve is still simmering though and when she sees Nish at The Vic later, she hits out and starts a blazing row. Suki once again drags her away and takes her home, worried about the trouble it will cause.

Will Suki confess what’s really going on, though?

Maya and Harvey look troubled as they talk over drinks in EastEnders
Maya’s hiding something (Credit: BBC)

Maya disappears in EastEnders spoilers

After Harvey looked her up online, Maya arrives in Walford fuming. She lays into Harvey for going through her socials and he is apologetic.

He makes it up to her over a drink in the Albert, where Maya starts to open up. She explains her husband died last year and the pair continue to bond.

Maya later leaves her hat behind. When Harvey goes online to message her that he’s got it, she has deleted her account. What’s going on? Why has she disappeared? And does she have something to hide?

EastEnders: Sonia look concerned as she talks to Reiss
Reiss is stressed about work (Credit: BBC)

Phil gives Reiss a lifeline

Kathy learns that Reiss needs work and suggests Phil could be in need of a new accountant. Phil agrees to interview Reiss the next day, but will it go to plan?

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