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EastEnders: ‘Why is Bianca still here?’ fans question as they call her ‘insufferable’

She's a Walford icon... but she's outstayed her welcome

Fans of EastEnders have been questioning why Bianca Jackson is still hanging around Walford, pointing out how ‘insufferable’ she has been in recent scenes.

Bianca returned to the Square to visit her friends and family, including stepdaughter Whitney and sister Sonia. Upon arrival, she learned that Zack had cheated on Whitney with Lauren.

Bianca Jackson looks thoughtful in the Square
Bianca returned to Walford recently (Credit: BBC)

Bianca’s back in town… still

In spite of urging the pair to tell the truth, Bianca kept quiet about what she had learned – which led to her clashing with Whitney when she did eventually find out what Zack and Lauren had done.

Whitney left Walford with newborn baby Dolly and controversial adoptee Britney – leaving Zack and Bianca in the dust. But with the storyline concluded and Whitney gone, what further purpose does Bianca’s presence serve? Especially as it was reported she was only ever back for Whit’s exit storyline.

Fans are now wondering why Bianca is still here – pointing out how ‘insufferable’ she has become.

Bianca looks furious with worried Zack in EastEnders
Discovering Zack and Lauren’s affair led to a breakdown in her relationship with stepdaughter Whitney (Credit: BBC)

‘Why is Bianca still here?’ EastEnders fans ask

Writing on X as recent episodes aired, a number of fans questioned why Bianca is still hanging around.

‘Is Bianca leaving anytime soon or is she BACK back?’ asked one fan.

‘Why is Bianca still here?’ asked another.

‘I’m tired of Bianca tbh,’ said a third.

‘Bianca is insufferable,’ another fan wrote.

This week’s episodes have seen Bianca clash with Reiss. Devastated that Whitney still hasn’t forgiven her, she has taken her frustration out on Reiss – belittling him and mocking him in front of Sonia and others.

Reiss, Sonia and Bianca have an uncomfortable conversation
Reiss and Bianca haven’t exactly become the best of friends (Credit: BBC)

Upset, Reiss snapped back, Reiss told Sonia that he wants Bianca out of the house.

Has Bianca outstayed her welcome already?

Bianca catches Reiss out

Next week, Bianca becomes suspicious of Reiss and follows him. She senses something isn’t quite right after he tries to convince Kat she hasn’t paid her February tax bill.

Bianca tracks Reiss to a care home and overhears him asking Debbie for permission to borrow more money. Reiss is horrified to realise she’s caught him red-handed.

Bianca demands he tells Sonia straight away or she will. But how will Sonia react?

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