Emmerdale's Gail, Oscar, and Ryan

Emmerdale: Ryan and Gail’s son Oscar hasn’t been seen for six months, fans complain

Oscar seems to have been forgotten

If viewers of Emmerdale cast their minds back to last year, they might remember that Gail and Oscar were reunited with their biological son.

With Oscar needing a bone marrow transplant, his parents looked to see if they were a match.

Emmerdale fans have now noticed that Oscar hasn’t been seen in quite a while…

Oscar wanted to get to know his biological parents (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Ryan and Gail’s son, Oscar

Gail met up with someone called Sophie last year, with the woman being revealed to be the adoptive mother of a boy called Oscar.

Viewers then found out that Gail was Oscar’s biological mother, with Ryan being the father.

With teenage Oscar being really ill, he needed a bone marrow transplant. Sophie wondered if Gail’s stem cells might be a match.

Initially keeping Oscar a secret from Ryan, Ryan soon found out as the pair wanted to get to know Oscar as Gail discovered that she was a match.

However, Sophie made out that Oscar didn’t want anything to do with them as she was jealousy of Oscar potentially bonding with his biological parents.

Oscar hasn’t been on screen since last year (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans baffled over ‘forgotten’ Gail, Ryan & Oscar storyline

Oscar’s storyline was mainly on screen towards the end of last year. He hasn’t been seen or mentioned since the start of this year which has now come to some fans’ attention.

One fan complained: “Why has Ryan and Gail’s son Oscar not been seen in over 6 months? I know he lives with his adoptive mother, but still, come on. He wanted to get to know the Dingle family. He hasn’t appeared since Charity’s birthday party in November. It seemed like they were going somewhere with a storyline for him.”

Another person replied: “Have wondered if he’d reappeared in 2024 but that I’d somehow missed it; very odd they would introduce him to no seeming purpose whatever.”

A third viewer added: “He was last seen in Jan, but it is odd how he appears to have been forgotten.”

A fourth person said: “I thought they were going to do a storyline with him, show him hanging out more with the Dingles… but he just disappeared.”

Charity talks to Oscar on Emmerdale
Will Oscar return? (Credit: ITV)

Where is Oscar?

The whole Oscar storyline has gone rather quiet as of late, with Ryan hardly ever being seen on screen either. When Gail appears, she’s usually just working behind the bar.

But, could all three characters soon be thrown back into the storyline? Will Oscar reappear this year?

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