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Emmerdale star Osian Morgan: Here’s where you recognise Samson’s mate Josh from

He's got an impressive acting CV despite his youth!

Emmerdale seems to have a new troublemaker in the shape of Samson Dingle’s mate Josh. He arrived last night (Wednesday June 5) and it’s clear he’s going to be a bad influence.

He’s already teamed up with Samson to plan a road trip across Europe – much to Lydia’s disgust. But the worst was to come tonight (Thursday June 6) when he causes Samson to get stabbed. He has changed the lives of Samson AND Matty, forever.

Viewers might think Osian Morgan, who plays troublesome Josh, looks familiar – and they’d be right. The young Welsh actor has an impressive acting CV, despite his young age!

So here’s where you might know the Emmerdale newcomer from.

Osian Morgan as Miles Massey in Waterloo Road
Osian played Myles in Waterloo Road (Credit: BBC)

Myles in Waterloo Road

Most recently Osian has been seen in Waterloo Road, playing footballer Myles Massey.

Myles was just as much of a troublemaker as Emmerdale’s Josh. Perhaps even more so!

He bullied Preston Walters relentlessly and then started a fire at the school. His actions resulted in the death of Danny Lewis, who was killed when he went into the flames to rescue Myles’s mum.

Samson and Josh shout at Matty threateningly in Emmerdale
Josh confronts Matty (Credit: ITV)

More trouble!

Before he joined Waterloo Road, Osian was in Welsh language soap Pobol y Cwm.

He played a character called Aaron Monk, who wasn’t a troublemaker, but who had his own difficulties caring for his mother who had bipolar disorder.

He’s also appeared on stage, playing Gavroche in Les Miserables.

Josh pushes Samson into Matty and Samson is stabbed in Emmerdale spoilers
Samson is left bleeding (Credit: ITV)

What’s Josh up to?

In tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, Josh turns nasty. His flirting with Amy at the Hide takes a dark turn and she admits to husband Matty that she’s beginning to find him creepy.

When Josh and Samson are thrown out by Matty, Samson’s new friend is fuming. He storms back inside to confront Matty.

And after an exchange of bitter words, things get even more sinister as the altercation turns violent. With Matty holding a knife, Josh gives his supposed mate, Samson, a shove.

Samson is thrown forward, on to the knife Matty is holding!

With Samson bleeding and Matty horrified, it’s clear things have gone too far thanks to Josh.

What will happen now?

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