Dave the weatherman frowns, Ben Shephard extends his arm

Ben Shephard under fire for ‘rude’ behaviour towards elderly guest: ‘Why show him such little respect?’

Car crash TV, some viewers said…

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Tipping Point host Ben Shephard was accused of showing ‘little respect’ to a guest on This Morning series in May.

Weather guru Dave King popped up on the show on May 23 to share his thoughts on whether we’ll be having a sunny summer or not.

Dave communes with nature for his forecasts, by talking to plants and trees. However, there was anything but harmony in the studio as he and Ben seemed to rub each other the wrong way, rather than bounce off one another.

Cat Deeley looks unsure, Ben Shephard listens
Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard had Dave the weatherman on the show (Credit: ITV)

Ben Shephard clashes with This Morning guest

At one point during the item, Dave made a lengthy digression about his website, causing Ben to pointedly remark: “Well done, good plug.”

They also clashed again when Dave dismissed an enquiry about whether it would be warmer than Turkey by responding: “What part of Turkey? They’ve got mountains in Turkey. What a silly statement!”

“It was a question, it wasn’t a statement. It was a question, Dave, for you to answer,” Ben replied.

And while Cat Deeley guffawed at Ben’s comebacks, viewers claimed there was also more than a hint of a mocking tone on other occasions too, for instance when Dave was correcting claims about what an ‘Indian Summer’ is.

Towards the end of the segment, Dave joked about continuing the chat again “if you get me back again”.

To which Ben responded, acknowledging the tense interactions between them: “If I wanted to be told off, I’d go and see my mum.”

Dave the weatherman speaks to Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard
Cat stifles a giggle by turning her head away from Dave (Credit: ITV)

How viewers reacted

Fans of This Morning commenting on social media while the show was on air did not seem particularly impressed with how Ben co-anchored the item.

“#ThisMorning why show Dave the weatherman such little respect?” one viewer ponder online.

Another tweeted: “Why are they being so nasty to Dave? #ThisMorning.”

Why are they being so nasty to Dave?

Others, meanwhile, alleged Ben was at fault.

“Ooh Ben didn’t handle that well #ThisMorning,” one person tweeted.

“Ben showing his true colours there, [blank]ed off at the ‘weather expert’… #ThisMorning,” claimed another.

A third viewer posted: “Ben Shepherd is so rude, speaking over him and making snide comments #ThisMorning.”

And a fourth let rip: “Ben Shepherd is becoming increasingly unlikeable on #ThisMorning. Rude and condescending, particularly noticeable this morning towards that gentleman during the weather segment.”

Cat Deeley smiles, Ben Shephard touches his chin
Not an easy watch (Credit: ITV)

Dave faced backlash, too

However, Dave was also criticised on social media.

“He’s getting annoyed as he knows they’re taking the [blank] out of him #ThisMorning,” one fan observed.

“Omg this guy is soooo rude #ThisMorning,” claimed someone else.

While someone else posted, seemingly without irony: “Bit [blank]ing aggressive, Dave! [Blank] off back to your divining rods #ThisMorning.”


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It's Dave The Weatherman! - 18/10/2023

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