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Pregnant Charlotte from The Traitors splits from wife and claims Conor Maynard is the father of her unborn baby

They met after The Traitors' wrap party

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Charlotte Chilton from The Traitors has shared the identity of her unborn baby’s father and revealed that she’s split from her wife, too. 

The Traitors star, 32, who appeared on the second series of the popular show, announced her pregnancy in April and shared that she split from her wife Laura last month.

She originally kept the identity of her baby’s father private, but she’s since said she “won’t be silenced”, claiming the man in question is singer Conor Maynard. 

Conor, 31, rose to fame in 2012 when he won MTV’s Brand New for 2012 Award. He subsequently reached number two in the charts with the track Can’t Say No. 

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Pregnant Charlotte from The Traitors has spoken out on social media (Credit: YouTube)

‘The best thing is to always be open and honest’

Charlotte said on Instagram: “I’ve really toyed with whether this is the right thing to do or not. I’ve sort of hidden a lot of things in the protection of somebody else through this process.”

Then, she added: “I decided that the best thing is to always be open and honest. Essentially I have not named the father in protection of him. He’s made it clear he wants nothing to do with us. I’ve never asked for a penny. Not that he’s ever offered.

“I’m prepared to do this alone, but I’m not prepared to have my daughter have to grow up and not be able to say who her father is, or should I say, birth father, or hide it from her.

“She deserves to know where she comes from. I’m not a secret, she’s not a dirty secret. I won’t be silenced by someone who has a full legal team. Conor has everything he needs. Yes, that’s his name, Conor. I met him after The Traitors’ wrap party and we started seeing each other and Penelope arrived in my tummy!”

She then added: “I can’t do this just shut up any more. I feel like I don’t matter and I don’t want that for my daughter. So, even though this makes me feel sick to do this as everyone’s told me not to, in terms of his PR, he doesn’t even talk to me now. My friends and family are behind me. The cast are behind me. And when I say cast I mean the majority of the cast.

“But I’m speaking out and I won’t be silenced any more. So now you all know.”

Conor Maynard ‘father of Charlotte’s baby’

In an interview with Metro, Charlotte then told how singer Conor Maynard is the father of her unborn baby.

Conor’s sister, Anna, is dating Harry Clark, who won the series of The Traitors Charlotte appeared on. Charlotte confirmed that she and Conor were introduced through the pair. 

“He wanted to meet me and he knew I was newly single,” she said. “I very nearly didn’t go at all because I didn’t even know who Conor Maynard is.”

She said he was a “gentleman” and they “hung out” for a day before she headed back home to the West Midlands and later discovered she was pregnant.

“I thought I’m pregnant and it’s with him,” she said. Initially Charlotte said Conor was “lovely” about the pregnancy. However, she claims he changed when she suggested co-parenting.

Pregnancy announcement

When Charlotte announced her pregnancy, she also opened up about her prior struggles with having children.

She said: “After seven miscarriages over my twenties, failed insemination, failed IVF, I was told it probably won’t happen for you. These words, for a lot of women, are the words you never want to hear! Yet someone decided I deserved a wish answering and I am now going to have my own little miracle.”

ED! has contacted reps for Charlotte and Conor for comment.

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