Chris Kamara looks serious on This Morning today

Chris Kamara makes heartbreaking admission about speech condition as This Morning fans brand him ‘inspiration’

Explains why he 'kept diagnosis quiet'

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Chris Kamara made a heartbreaking admission about his speech condition as he appeared on This Morning today (Tuesday December 13).

Former footballer and Sky Sports pundit Chris, 64, has been diagnosed with apraxia – a motor speech disorder that makes it difficult to speak.

Appearing alongside Ben Shephard to discuss a new ITV documentary, Kammy told hosts Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond he had struggled to accept his condition.

Chris Kamara and Ben Shephard discussed Kammy's speech condition with hosts Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond on This Morning today
Chris Kamara opened up about his speech condition (Credit: This Morning YouTube)

Chris Kamara addresses his speech condition on This Morning today

Much-loved TV personality Chris revealed he was aware he was having difficulties with speaking a few years ago.

He recalled: “It was in 2019 but I told no one, you know when something isn’t quite right.

“I knew if I spoke in long sentences, I couldn’t get the words out. I thought I’m going to wake up one day and it’ll all be gone.”

Kammy did seek advice from medics – but indicated he should have done so sooner.

Chris Kamara and Ben Shephard sit next to one another on This Morning today
Ben Shephard is involved in a documentary about Kammy’s apraxia (Credit: This Morning YouTube)

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‘The delay of not seeing the doctor sooner caused issues’

Chris continued: “I went to see the doctor in 2020 and they did tests – and it was an underactive thyroid.

“It cured my thyroid but the delay of not seeing the doctor sooner caused issues.

“Then the speech issue came along which could have been the thyroid, but we don’t know.”

He also explained how discussing his diagnosis publicly as he was well-known for his big voice and catchphrases as part of his roving match reporter role.

My voice was my life, so that was hard to accept.

“My voice was my life, so that was hard to accept,” Chris said.

“That’s why I kept it quiet. I thought: ‘There’s no way I can tell anybody.'”

Ben went on to add Chris’ relatives initially thought he was more tired than usual before the official word on his apraxia.

The GMB regular noted: “Eventually [Chris] got the diagnosis, and we asked if he was willing to share that on the programme.

“Chris doesn’t want to feel like a victim.”

Ben Shephard joined Chris Kamara as he addressed his speech condition on This Morning today
Ben said Chris ‘doesn’t want to feel like a victim’ (Credit: This Morning YouTube)

How This Morning viewers reacted

Viewers watching at home expressed on social media just how emotional they felt watching the segment.

There was also an outpouring of Twitter love for Chris – with some hailing him an “inspiration”.

@chris_kammy just watched you on This Morning. You are a true inspiration,” one Twitter user reacted.

Another included several heart emojis in their post as they tweeted: “Awww love you Kammy, such an inspiration.”

“Didn’t realise @chris_kammy had a speech condition,” someone else wrote.

“Hoping the therapy works. He’s still a funny, warm man and I’m a big fan.”

Another person was moved by Chris’ dedication to address his apraxia.

“Brilliant to raise awareness Kammy, this must have been hard for you but more people need to be aware of the condition,” they tweeted.

Someone else wrote: “Good to see Kammy. But it is hard seeing him in this condition. Hope you’re doing ok Kammy, we all love you.”

Another tweeted: “@chris_kammy @benshephard I saw you both on This Morning and was so moved.”

And yet another affected viewer added: “@chris_kammy legend. An inspiration to millions.”

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