Michael McIntyre regrets using wife Kitty in stand-up routine

He mines his real life for comedic material

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Comedian Michael McIntyre admits he does regret making his wife Kitty part of his stand up routine.

The host of The Wheel on BBC One has been married to aromatherapist Kitty since 2003.

And while she’s featured in his shows previously, there’s one particular joke he wishes he’d kept her name out of.

Michael McIntyre attends with BAFTAs with his wife Kitty
Michael McIntyre and wife Kitty married in 2003 (Credit:

Why has Michael McIntyre made jokes about his wife?

While comedians’ work should always be regarded as being subject to artistic licence, a lot of Michael’s act is based on his relatability.

His gags are often based in everyday, recognisable situations.

And so it seems only natural that a popular performer like Michael should base his jokes around his family – even if they aren’t rooted in reality.

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Away from the persona he projects on stage and on TV, the man behind the performances has acknowledged the huge debt he owes his spouse.

Michael has previously said: “I don’t think my career would have happened without her because I owe so much to her. For getting me through, for getting me focused.”

He has also indicated Kitty – with whom he shares two sons – “knows me better than I know myself”.

Michael McIntyre and wife Kitty step out
Michael McIntyre and wife Kitty have two children together – Lucas and Oscar (Credit:

What jokes has Michael McIntyre made about his wife?

One of Michael’s jokes that refers to his wife involves observations about her decision to buy a dress for the British Comedy Awards.

He reflects during the telling of the anecdotal wisecrack: “No one should spend that much money on something you can’t drive.”

I do run my jokes past her and she’s usually fine.

As his routine progresses, Michael becomes incredulous at the cost of a clutch bag accessory.

He quips: “For £500 I can hire a human being to walk alongside you holding your lipstick, your keys and your phone.”

Michael McIntyre and his wife Kitty in fancy dress
Dressed up for a Halloween fancy dress party (Credit:

What joke does Michael regret telling about his wife?

According to an interview with ShortList, Michael admits one joke about Kitty ‘farting’ was not based in reality.

He said: “I regret the previous DVD where I did and joked about my wife farting when she sleeps. That wasn’t strictly true.”

Michael continued: “But I do run my jokes past her and she’s usually fine. I do think it upsets her when strangers speak to her and go ‘are you the one that farts in the night?’. Or ‘are you the one that can’t pull their tights up?’. I don’t think she likes that. But ultimately I need laughs to pay the bills so she is okay with it.”

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Michael also noted how Kitty doesn’t tend to mind about him mining his real life for comedic material.

He added: “Most of the jokes I am the butt of them, so I think she’s fine with it. And the fact people are laughing means that it’s reality and people relate to it and don’t get upset on her behalf.”

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