Eamonn Holmes looking sad and Ruth Langsford inset

Eamonn Holmes’ ‘sadness’ as he speaks ‘directly from the heart’ about split from Ruth Langsford

'Nothing but authentic emotion' from the broadcaster

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford sent shockwaves through the showbiz world when they announced their plans to divorce after 14 years of marriage.

The news came as a bolt from the blue for fans of the couple, who have followed their love story over the years after they presented This Morning together.

Now, one body language expert has exclusively told ED! of Eamonn’s “sadness” as he addressed the split during his return to GB News on Tuesday morning (May 28).

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford smiling
Eamonn and Ruth surprised their fans by announcing their divorce over the weekend (Credit: Splash News)

Eamonn and Ruth split: ‘Shift in Eamonn’s emotions’

Speaking on his GB News show, Eamonn said: “I’d just like to thank people for your support for Ruth and I over the last few days as to the news of our separation. Your support for both of us is very much appreciated.”

Although the statement was short, Darren Stanton, speaking on behalf of Betfair Roulette, told us that it came straight from Eamonn’s heart.

Analysing his body language, Darren said: “There was a definite shift in Eamonn’s emotions from when he was reading the news to addressing fans on the show yesterday.

“A slight sadness microexpression came across his face and he bowed his head, which indicates a shift in his body language. There appeared to be an internal shift in his emotions at this point.

“While it was business as usual for Eamonn, he didn’t take the speech lightly and wanted to give thanks to the fans.”

‘Submissive and genuine’

Darren continued to note: “Straight away one thing I look for in a person’s body language is the way in which their voice pitch changes. With Eamonn, he was being totally open and honest. His voice and pitch all remained constant, which means his emotions and what he was saying was genuinely authentic.

“When he gave thanks to the public, I noticed he adopted almost like a praying gesture. His head dipped down and his hands clasped together, which are both self reassurance gestures. The fact he bowed his head can also be seen as a submissive gesture, and a genuine emotion of thanks.

“It’s like when people bow or curtsy to the King, they make themselves feel smaller. He bowed his head in relation to the public, so it was a genuine thanks for their support.”

Eamonn Holmes looking upset
Eamonn addressed the split on his GB News show yesterday (Credit: Splash News)

Eamonn showed ‘nothing but authentic emotion’

He concluded: “Overall, Eamonn’s body language and gestures were all consistent with someone who was speaking directly from the heart. It’s clear he is appreciative of the support he’s received in the past few days. He showed nothing but authentic emotion during the speech.”

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