Finders Keepers episode 1

Finders Keepers on Channel 5: Who is the dead body, where is Jack, and can Martin trust Ashley?

Never mind the annoying music, we need answers!

Channel 5 thriller Finders Keepers poses a moral dilemma we can all relate to, and episode 1 left us with several tantalising questions – not least, can Martin trust his rather annoying future son-in-law Ashley?

The first instalment of the four-parter introduced rather boring Martin, whose main passion in life was going out with a metal detector in his spare time.

Anyone who watched the brilliant Mackenzie Crook comedy drama Detectorists will know exactly what we’re talking about. But when Martin reluctantly agreed to let his daughter’s fiancé Ashley join him, he had no clue what would happen.

Searching the idyllic fields of rural Somerset, the pair stumbled upon a hoard of buried Saxon treasure worth millions. Legally, they should have declared it straight away, but where would be the fun in that?

Here are all the burning questions we need answering as the series continues next week on Channel 5 (Wednesday, January 24, 2023).

***Warning: spoilers from episode 1 of Finders Keepers on Channel 5 ahead***

Neil Morrissey and James Buckley as Martin and Ashley in Finders Keepers
Neil Morrissey and James Buckley as Martin and Ashley in Finders Keepers (Credit: Channel 5)

Who was the dead body at the beginning of Finders Keepers episode 1?

At the very start of Finders Keepers episode 1 on Channel 5, viewers saw a body being dragged through the undergrowth and being dumped. We can only assume the body is as dead as the Anglo Saxon who buried Martin’s hidden treasure.

So who was the apparently dead body, and who were the two people dragging it? We’re supposed to think it’s Martin (Neil Morrissey) and Ashley… But, in a Channel 5 thriller, anything can happen!

All we know is that the body-dumping happens three weeks after the treasure was found…

Where has Jack Parker disappeared to?

One of the reasons why straight-laced Martin even considered selling the loot was because he’s in deep financial doo-doo. His daughter wants an expensive wedding, and his son is currently in a home but they want to bring him home.

Martin runs his own small engineering business, but it’s clearly in trouble. His accountant Jack Parker has disappeared to Thailand (allegedly) and hasn’t been in contact for 14 weeks. Oh, and £90,000 is missing from the company’s accounts.

So where is Jack? Did he steal the money? And why isn’t Martin telling his wife (Fay Ripley) anything? A problem shared is a problem halved Martin!

Fay Ripley as Anne in Finders Keepers
Cold Feet actress Fay Ripley plays Anne in Finders Keepers (Credit: Channel 5)

Do you really have to give all findings to the Crown?

All detectorists work by a code of honour – and it’s also the law. Anything they discover of historical interest must be handed over as it officially belongs to the Crown!

Any valuables of unknown ownership that are found hidden, are declared the property of the Crown. Since the passing of the Treasure Act of 1996 such items are now referred to as treasure rather than treasure trove.

We can’t blame Martin and Ashley for being tempted…

Can Martin trust Ashley?

Ashley (James Buckley) and his girlfriend’s dad Martin are like chalk and cheese. So it adds another dimension of tension that they found the hoard together.

While Martin would normally do the right thing, wheeler dealer Ashley has contacts who can sell the treasure illegally. Which begs the question, how does he know dodgy Rocky?

Is Ashley trying to double cross Martin, and make a deal behind his future father-in-law’s back? One thing’s for sure, we don’t trust Ashley as far as we could throw him!

Rakhee Thakrar as DS Carole Doyle in Finders Keepers
Rakhee Thakrar as DS Carole Doyle in Finders Keepers (Credit: Channel 5)

How far will Rocky go to get his money?

Although Martin decided to go back on his deal to sell the loot, Rocky still believed he’s entitled to the money… He threatened Ashley during episode 1, demanding his money one way or another. Is he capable of hurting Ashley or Martin?

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to any of them, Rocky was being watched by the police (Rakhee Thakrar). And now all of them are. Which just made the plot a whole lot more interesting…

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Finders Keepers continues on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 at 9pm on Channel 5.

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Helen Fear
TV Editor