Si King and Dave Myers smiling in the wind

Hairy Bikers star Si King launches new beer and ‘saves a bottle’ for Dave Myers

'Saddest picture I’ve seen for years'

Hairy Bikers star Si King has revealed he and the late Dave Myers are launching a beer.

However, the picture he shared to accompany the Instagram post announcing the news has left fans heartbroken.

Dave died at the end of February after being diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer. And Si pledged to continue Dave’s legacy by continuing the work of the Hairy Bikers.

But fans weren’t quite prepared for how emotional they would feel at seeing an empty seat beside Si, where Dave should’ve been sitting.

Si King and Dave Myers smiling in the wind
Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers died in February (Credit: Splash News)

Hairy Bikers star Si King launches new beer – and saves one for Dave Myers

Si shared a picture of himself in a walled part of the garden sitting on one of two chairs. In between the chairs were two bottles of the new Hairy Bikers beer sitting on the table. A close-up picture of the bottles shows a likeness of the boys printed on the label of the beer.

“Thrilled to announce our delicious Hairy Biker Triple Hop beer that we lovingly made with @theakstonbrewery is coming to a shelf near you – first stop Waitrose! Go grab a bottle, sit down, relax and enjoy! Si x,” he posted.

Si didn’t mention Dave by name, but fans were left convinced that he was definitely there in spirit.

Fans react

“I love that you’ve got a beer there for Dave,” said one follower.

“Possibly the saddest picture I’ve seen in years of you sat with a bottle and an empty chair,” said another.

“My thoughts exactly, my eyes are full of tears, a beautiful photo,” said a third. Another agreed and said: “Tears in my eyes. Dave was a legend. So sorry, Si.”

“Just something/someone massively missing from this picture,” another confirmed. “The man is still by your side. Always and forever. We all miss him Si. can’t imagine how you feel,” another fan then commented.

“So sad to see you on your own… must miss him immensely,” said another. “I notice you have a beer for Dave too. Heart wrenching and heartwarming simultaneously,” another added.

Another commented: “I think we should all get one and raised a toast to Dave the legend.”

Lili’s first interview since Dave Myers’ death

Earlier today (June 3), Dave’s widow Liliana appeared on Lorraine.

She told how Dave’s energy is all around. And, when she wants to see him, said all she has to do is turn on the TV.

She told the host: “Well, of course everybody who loses somebody in their lives misses them. But there’s a different layer to it because if I turn on the TV, he might be on.”

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