Loose Women cast member Gloria Hunniford

Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford on terrifying hospital dash as sepsis ‘flattened’ her

The condition can be life-threatening

Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford has spoken about how she was rushed to A&E with life-threatening sepsis.

The 82-year-old telly legend opened up earlier this year about having kidney stones. As a result a stent was placed to help drain them. But Gloria was then rushed to hospital after feeling unwell and had to undergo a second surgery to remove it. However, as she began to come around, she was told she was being transferred to another hospital because she had sepsis.

Loose Women cast member Gloria Hunniford
Gloria has opened up about a recent health battle (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford recalls scary hospital dash

In a new interview, Gloria said she felt like somebody had “put a tap” in her body and “drained all the energy”. Describing her experience, she told The Mirror: “The last thing [the doctors] said before I went to theatre was: ‘When I take this stent out you are going to feel so much better.’

“But the next thing I knew coming out of the anaesthetic, was a nurse saying to me: ‘Don’t worry, don’t panic. But we are having to transfer you by ambulance to a different hospital because we can’t get your blood pressure up.'”

Gloria, whose showbiz career spans over 50 years, was later told by doctors that she had sepsis of the kidney. “Thankfully it hadn’t gone beyond the kidney. I guess that’s why I felt so awful and it did flatten me for a while,” she added.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that is caused when the body releases chemicals to fight an infection. These chemicals then damage the body’s own tissues and organs and can lead to organ failure, shock and death.

Gloria Hunniford looking worried on Loose Women today
Loose Women star Gloria was rushed to another hospital (Credit: ITV)

Gloria ‘back to normal’

Because she had two procedures so close together, the Loose Women legend was told it could take up to six months to return to some sort of “normality”. But Gloria was back to herself in a matter of weeks thanks to her beloved family and positive outlook.

In the interview, Gloria also showered husband Stephen with praise for helping her recover thanks to his cooking. She told the publication how Stephen was “marvellous” and was “chief cook and bottle-washer”.

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