Stacey Solomon talking on Loose Women beside a talking Denise Welch

Loose Women fans predict they ‘won’t see’ Stacey Solomon on the panel with Denise Welch again

The pair clashed on two topics as Stacey returned to the show

Stacey Solomon made her Loose Women return this week, much to the joy of her fellow panellists.

However, one member of the panel likely wasn’t so pleased to be met with Stacey’s disagreement.

In fact, ITV viewers even flocked to social media to point out that Stacey repeatedly clashed with one of her co-stars. So much so, that they predict she won’t be seen on the panel alongside the star again.

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Stacey Solomon frowning on Loose Women
Stacey Solomon returned to Loose Women this week (Credit: ITV / Youtube)

Stacey Solomon clashes with Loose Women co-star

The Sort Your Life Out star graced the panel this week. However, some viewers have now theorised that Stacey will be kept apart from co-star Denise Welch, after the pair clashed twice during the episode.

The pair disagreed over Melania Trump’s decision to stay with Donald Trump, in wake of his recent conviction for falsifying records. Stacey questioned: “Why is the focus on his wife? It should be about him and his disgraceful acts.”

Later in the episode, the panellists discussed stay-at-home husbands and remote working.

Stacey argued that flexible working arrangements were beneficial to those with children. However, Denise blamed the working conditions for causing the country to “collapse”.

Denise even blamed the lack of available workers on remote working. Stacey disagreed, stating: “So it has nothing to do with the fact that a nurse is grafting hard on a zero-hours contract, struggling to pay childcare?”

She went on to say: “No wonder people aren’t signing up to do these jobs, they just aren’t paid enough to do them.”

Denise Welch talking on Loose Women
Denise Welch and Stacey Solomon clashed on Loose Women this week (Credit: ITV / Youtube)

Viewers react

One viewer wrote on social media: “I doubt we’ll see Stacey on with Denise for a while!”

They added: “Stacey outsmarted and out played her.”

Another said: “Totally agree. Stacey’s blown her right out of the water. I for one am loving it.”

Stacey’s blown her right out of the water.

Meanwhile, more fans had their say on social media. One penned: “Stacey absolutely wiping the floor with Densy.”

Another said: “What a shame Stacey is stepping back from TV, she’s the only redeeming feature of Loose Women.”

It comes just days after Stacey Solomon claimed she was taking a step back from showbiz to be a stay-at-home mum.

Denise, meanwhile, is usually quick to laugh off reports of ‘feuds’ with her Loose Women pals. Earlier this week, she was tweeted by one follower who said: “Brenda and Denise pretending that they like each other meanwhile they can’t stand each other hence that’s why Brenda is always quiet when Denise is on.”

Entirely shutting them down, Denise simply responded with a lot of crying with laughter emojis.

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