My Mum Your Dad last meal and Davina McCall speaking

My Mum Your Dad viewers make same complaint after last episode as Davina McCall tells them to ‘start campaigning’

Don't you worry, Davina, we will!

My Mum Your Dad came to an end last night (September 22), but a lot of fans – and host Davina McCall – were quick to spot that something pretty major was missing.

The episode saw three of the couples given the green light for their romance by their kids. So far, two of the three couples – Roger and Janey, Sharon and Elliott and Paul and Natalie – have reportedly been confirmed as still being together.

But that’s the problem, see – we haven’t had any official confirmation, and that’s where fans think ITV needs to step in…

Davina McCall on My Mum Your Dad
Davina isn’t the only one who wants to know what’s going on! (Credit: ITV)

My Mum Your Dad: Davina leads calls for reunion show

As the final episode drew to a close, you’d be forgiven for thinking there would be a little flash-forward or update as to how the contestants were doing and if any had found love in the real world. After all, this is the format that usually follows with the likes of First Dates, Naked Attraction and other dating shows.

However, My Mum Your Dad ended with the last eight contestants and their kids enjoying lunch and Roger raising a toast to their future happiness and the friends they’d made while taking part.

Host Davina McCall was among those asking ITV to air a catch up – although she has already said she knows which of the couples are still together as she’s been sent “photographs” of them looking loved-up.

My Mum Your Dad stars having lunch
The series ended with the stars enjoying a meal (Credit: ITV)

‘Off to pester people about a reunion!’

She led calls for a reunion episode as she tweeted: “Thank you all so much for watching with me and tweeting along. Let’s start campaigning for a catch up!!!”

Hours later, after no catch up was confirmed, she took to Twitter again. “Totes emosh. Meeting these kids and their parents has been just .. amazing. Watching them all going thru this experience has been overwhelming .. and I hate saying goodbyes. What r we going to do with ourselves ??! Thank u all for being so incredible. Thank u to absolutely everyone involved in making the show. And THANK U at home for watching with me !! x Right .. off to pester people about a reunion!!”

Fans wade in

Taking their cue from the host, fans were quick to comment.

“Please sort the reunion, you can’t keep us hanging,” said one. Another added: “Hope they do a catch up so we can see how they are all doing.” A third commented: “Good luck to all for the future, would love to see a catch up show!” Another added: “We need a reunion.” “Best thing I watched in years. Pleaseee do a reunion show so we can see how they are getting on,” another pleaded.

So, ITV, over to you…

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