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Nick Knowles’ heartbreaking vow to youngest son after being ‘away too much’

Nick is a proud dad

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Nick Knowles previously made a sweet vow to his youngest son Eddie after feeling guilty for working away too much.

DIY SOS host Nick often works all around the globe for his TV projects, but his success has meant he has missed out on watching most of his children grow up.

However, the presenter – whose show Nick Knowles in South America is on tonight (June 7) – once revealed how he has reassessed his work/life balance and pledged to make a “greater effort” with Eddie.

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DIY SOS host Nick Knowles revealed that he missed out on watching his children grow up (Credit: Channel 5)

Nick was ‘away too much’ while his children were growing up

Nick has three children from previous relationships – Tuesday, Charlie and Tyrian-J – who are all now grown adults. However, Nick wasn’t able to spend as much time as he’d have liked with his kids due to his hectic TV career.

I’m making a greater effort with my eight-year-old.

Not only is Nick busy hosting DIY SOS, but he also often takes on new projects that require him to embark on all sorts of adventures around the world.

Speaking with the Mirror back in December 2022, Nick revealed that he struggled to juggle work with his family life. He shared: “It’s the most difficult thing in modern life to weigh up the amount you work to improve their lifestyles. Versus missing your children grow up. I’m not sure I got that right with my older children, I was probably away too much.”

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Nick Knowles vows to make more of an effort with his youngest son (Credit: Cover Images)

Nick Knowles’ vow to his son

But he was given a second chance at parenthood when he had Eddie with his former wife Jessica Moor at the age of 52. Nick claimed that he’s determined to be more hands-on with his youngest son. The star shared that, at the time, he’d been sending pictures and having Zoom calls with Eddie while he was working away.

He stated: “So I’m making a greater effort now with my eight-year-old. I’ve been away filming since August. But all the time I was away we had Zoom calls. Saying hi, telling him where I was, sending pictures, him sending me messages as well, and seeing him as soon as I could. Even though I’ve only had a few days back between each trip.”

But although Nick was “away too much”, Nick claims that his children are still “very happy”. The TV presenter said: “Having said that, my older children are all doing great and are very happy.”

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Nick Knowles in South America airs on June 7 from 7pm on Channel 5. 

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