Ben Shephard and Jon Bon Jovi looking animated on This Morning

This Morning host Ben Shephard forced to explain Jon Bon Jovi’s very swift exit: ‘Really didn’t want to be there’

Viewers said the interview was 'awkward'

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Jon Bon Jovi appeared on This Morning back in April – and viewers flocked to Twitter to dissect his behaviour after he made a very swift exit following the end of his interview.

The Bon Jovi legend was on with hosts Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley to look back at his 40-year career in the music industry and the band’s new documentary.

However, talk soon turned to Richie Sambora, who left the group in 2013.

Jon Bon Jovi looking annoyed on This Morning
Jon Bon Jovi told Ben and Cat there was ‘no animosity’ between him and Richie Sambora numerous times (Credit: ITV)

This Morning chat with Jon Bon Jovi turns sour

The guitarist had struggled with alcoholism and, in the film, explained that he had to depart the band for personal reasons.

Jon explained that he had no idea Richie was going to leave the band when he did and was shocked that he didn’t show up mid-concert. However, during the “awkward” interview, he stressed to Ben and Cat that there was “no animosity” between them.

“It’s been 11 years, so we’ve all had to move on from that. But there’s nothing but love. There was never any animosity. He had issues that he had to confront,” he said.

Look, I keep saying to you, there is no animosity, I swear to you.

Cat then asked if they watched the new documentary series together. Jon confirmed that they did watch the first three episodes together. Cat then pushed again and asked if any emotions had been stirred up while watching.

Jon replied: “There was joy. We sat together just the two of is. I can’t reiterate enough, there was no animosity. He’s taken a path on his journey that… Look, being in a rock band is not a life sentence. He was there for 30 of the 40 years. Everything along the way is what got me where I am today.”

Ben seemingly failed to read the room too and asked Jon if he ever sees him coming back. “He knows three quarters of the songs,” he said. “But it’s not that he’s looking for that or I’m looking for that.

“Look, I keep saying to you, there is no animosity, I swear to you.”

Once the interview had concluded, fans saw Jon hastily thanking the hosts before getting up and leaving the studio. The show then went to an ad break as Cat and Ben were seen standing up and gathering their papers.

Jon Bon Jovi leaves the This Morning studio
Jon’s quick getaway was caught on camera (Credit: ITV)

Viewers react

The singer’s “mild irritation” and swift exit was soon picked up by viewers.

“Jon Bon Jovi is a legend but that interview was a tad uncomfortable. He really didn’t want to be there!” said one viewer. Another added: “Jon Bon Jovi’s fake smiling, mild irritation and legging it out of there.”

“Jon Bon Jovi couldn’t have got his [bleep] out of there quick enough,” said another. “Is there someone behind Jon Bon Jovi pointing a gun at him because he looks and sounds like he’d rather be anywhere but on that sofa,” another added.

“Well, Jon Bon Jovi could not get out of there quick enough could he!” another laughed.

Ben explains singer’s exit

Now, we’re not sure if Ben was on the This Morning hashtag during the break, but once the show returned, he was looking at his iPad.

And then, it appears, he was forced to address the singer’s exit. “Look, lots of people still getting in touch about Jon Bon Jovi.

“He’s very keen to get going,” Ben explained. “He’s got a very busy day.

“But wasn’t he lovely?” Ben asked his co-host. “Yes, he was,” Cat added.

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Bon Jovi at the BBC airs tonight (Saturday, June 1) at 8.30pm on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

Jon Bon Jovi On 40 Years Of Rock, Vocal Surgery & Friendship With Richie Sambora | This Morning

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