Dermot O'Leary frowning on This Morning

Dermot O’Leary issues apology amid backlash over Nick Ferrari’s nut allergy rant: ‘We take this very seriously’

Viewers weren't impressed!

This Morning viewers were given an apology today (May 29) after regular guest Nick Ferrari embarked on an irate rant about nut allergy sufferers on airlines earlier this week (May 28).

The segment, hosted by Josie Gibson and Dermot O’Leary, left some ITV fans less than impressed with Nick’s comments – especially as Josie and Dermot failed to correct Nick’s outlandish statements.

Viewers were so frustrated that plenty flocked to social media. Even a nut-free brand had its say, taking a brutal swipe at the This Morning presenters.

Now, Dermot has issued an apology. And, as well as that, the show even has plans to dedicate a special segment to the topic next week.

Josie Gibson looking serious whilst wearing green top beside Dermot O'Leary wearing polo-shirt on This Morning
This Morning viewers weren’t pleased with Josie and Dermot’s reactions (Credit: ITV / This Morning / ITVX)

Nick Ferrari on allergy sufferers ‘dropping dead’

Yesterday’s show saw Nick Ferrari discuss a new airline, dubbed Bark Air, launched especially for dogs. The topic sparked Nick to rant about his must-haves for flying and what he would ban from his ideal airline.

Nick stated: “If you don’t like peanuts, don’t get on the plane either, because I do. I can’t eat them because someone is at the back of the plane is going to drop dead or something, if I have a peanut – I don’t quite know why!”

Dermot looked very uncomfortable and let out a strained laugh before exclaiming: “I won’t begin to start unpacking this!” Countless viewers also took to social media to fume about Nick’s comments.

Josie Gibson wearing green top beside Dermot O'Leary wearing polo-shirt on This Morning
Dermot apologised for the comments on the show (Credit: ITV / This Morning / ITVX)

This Morning today: Dermot says sorry

Today, May 29, Dermot issued an apology whilst on air. He said: “Quickly before we start, yesterday there was a reference on the show to nut allergies in The Morning View. Apologies from us.”

Apologies from us.

He went on to say: “We just want to reiterate that we take those very seriously, especially dangerous ones, on the show. So following on from stories this week about a family not being able to fly because of an allergy issue we are going to be doing a special segment on it next week as well.”

Dermot O'Leary hiding face with paper on This Morning
The star even hid his face after Nick’s outburst (Credit: ITV / This Morning / ITVX)

This Morning fans fume over allergy comment

Vegan, gluten, dairy, wheat, nut, soya and egg-free brand Creative Nature shared its thoughts on Instagram: “THIS MORNING, THIS IS SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH! We are absolutely appalled by this recent segment on @thismorning.”

It went on to say: “Instead of the presenters standing up and showcasing this comment was wrong they simply just sat there and laughed. This Morning, do you think this is good enough? You are continuing to allow people to see allergies as a joke. Someone dying on an airline due to someone eating nuts on board could be someone’s reality.

“That is absolutely in no way a joke to be laughed at on national tv. Use this platform to educate and bring awareness to this issue instead of making it a laughing matter.”

Another social media user said: “Honestly this is appalling!! Why is the risk of someone’s death something we laugh at?! What on earth @thismorning this is not okay.”

A third chimed in: “Unbelievable!! People who have allergies don’t choose their allergies! You can withhold from having peanuts for a day on a plane. Makes me furious to hear them talk so nonchalantly like that.”

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