Dr Michael Mosley speaking to camera

Resurfaced Dr Michael Mosley podcast saw This Morning star reveal he enjoyed walking without his mobile phone

He extolled the virtues of less screen time early last year

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Dr Michael Mosley previously told how he enjoyed walking without his mobile phone, saying in a February 2023 episode of his podcast that it helped him to “be present in the moment”.

The This Morning regular was found dead on Sunday (June 9) on the Greek island of Symi. It came after he left his wife on the beach and embarked on a hike towards their holiday home. Tragically, he left his mobile phone on the beach.

Now, an episode of his podcast that he recorded early last year has resurfaced. In it, he admitted to going for a walk and deliberately leaving his mobile phone behind.

Dr Michael Mosley speaking to camera
Dr Michael Mosley was found dead on Sunday after a five-day search in Greece (Credit: YouTube)

Dr Michael Mosley was an advocate of less screen time

In an episode of his BBC Radio 4’s Just One Thing with Michael Mosley, the TV doctor explored the benefits of less screen time to improve health and wellbeing.

He spoke to an expert, reviewed research and challenged a listener to reduce the time they spent on their phone. Then, Dr Mosley ended the episode by taking a walk in the woods without his mobile phone.

Reflecting on his experience, he said not having the distraction of a phone “helped me to be present in the moment”.

‘I’ve left my phone at home and I’m out for a walk in the woods’

He said: “I have been giving it a go this week. Today I have left my phone at home and I am out for a walk in the woods nearby.

“Now I have managed to crack down on and I have been limiting myself to about an hour and a half of phone time a day.” He then added that he makes sure “I’m only using my phone for things I really need, like the weather or chatting to my kids”.

Dr Mosley continued: “I have found that not having the constant distraction of my phone has actually helped me to be present in the moment.” He added that it also helped him to “enjoy what I am doing more”. Dr Mosley then said: “So it has been a real positive.”

He concluded: “So there you are. Put your phone down and it may just improve your sleep, your mood and your social life, as well as give your brain a well-deserved boost.”

It’s unclear if Dr Mosley regularly left his phone at home while taking a walk.

It’s also not known if Dr Mosley deliberately left his phone on the beach ahead of his disappearance. Or if it was simply a tragic mistake.

Dr Michael Mosley’s final moments

He was last seen at 1.30pm as he said goodbye to his wife. He then headed off towards their holiday home on the island of Symi.

The coroner has said that he died at around 4pm that day. His body wasn’t found, however, until five days later.

Tragically, he was just metres from safety. New reports also suggest that his body was found in a position that indicated he was trying to stop himself from fainting in the heat of the day.

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