Coronation Street spoilers comp image: Roy and Griff (Credit: ITV/Comp ED!)

Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Roy fears for his life as Griff confronts him

Griff wants answers and Roy can't give them

Coronation Street spoilers for tonight reveal Roy Cropper is in serious danger as Griff Reynolds finds a way into his cell. But will he get the answers he’s looking for?

Also in Coronation Street on Wednesday May 29, Dee-Dee is horrified to realise Roy’s defence has gone up in flames with Bobby’s arrest.

Griff looks vengeful in Coronation Street in Roy's prison cell
He’s not to be messed with (Credit: ITV)

Griff enlists Roscoe

Just as Roy thinks Roscoe is being kind and his friend, we discover he’s working for Griff. The bad boy of Weatherfield prison then orders Roscoe to get Roy to the prison library or else.

It’s clear Roscoe it torn, but he manages to persuade Roy to leave his cell and accompany him to the library…

Roy in Coronation Street looks terrified as Griff enters his cell menacingly
Roy is confronted by Griff and knows he’s in trouble (Credit: ITV)

Roy’s life in danger in Coronation Street spoilers

As Roy and Roscoe are in the library, Griff enters Roy’s empty cell and hides.

When Roy returns to his cell, he is then shocked to come face to face with Griff. But as he realises he’s in serious danger, can Roy do what Griff wants in order to save his own life?

Or it is too late for Roy? Will Griff get his revenge for Lauren’s disappearance – even though Roy is innocent? It’s certainly not looking good…

Dee-Dee in Coronation Street looks shocked and tearful
Tearful Dee-Dee knows there is little hope for Roy (Credit: ITV)

Dee-Dee panics over Roy’s defence

With things looking worse and worse for Roy, Dee-Dee knows everything now hangs on Bobby’s statement. Only what she doesn’t know is that Bobby is lying.

Desperately hoping his claims to have seen a different man fleeing Lauren’s flat are enough to cast reasonable doubt and get Roy off, Dee-Dee is nervous.

When she sees Bobby being arrested, she’s horrified. Demanding to know why he’s being taken in, Carla breaks the news he’s been arrested for perverting the course of justice.

Dee-Dee is horrified as she realises Roy has no defence case.

With Griff on the warpath and Roy’s defence totally collapsing, it’s not looking good for Mr Cropper either way. Only a miracle can save him. So can Nathan’s arrest help get him out? Or is it just another bit of false hope for beleaguered Roy?

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