EastEnders spoilers comp image for week 25: Sharon, Phil, Yolande (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers for next week: First look as Phil closes in on the truth about Sharon

A text from Linda rouses his suspicions

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Phil becomes suspicious of Sharon after a text from Linda alerts him to something. Will he find out what’s really going on?

Meanwhile, Callum is also on the trial of Keanu’s real killer. Can anyone convince him to let it lie?

Also, Yolande is still struggling with Pastor Clayton’s presence in the community, but can she bring herself to do anything about it?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Phil is lonely

EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell looks murderous

On Father’s Day Phil feels all alone without Ben and Louise. He is stung when Callum doesn’t invite him to a planned video call with Ben.

Phil Mitchell smiles at a homemade card as Denise Fox looks unimpressed

He’s left further deflated when Denise takes Raymond over to No.20 for christening prep. Phil then decides to do something about it.

2. Phil wants the truth

Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts argue in EastEnders

Heading over to No.43 to ask Sharon for more time with Albie, she is reluctant. She soon gives in though and allows them to spend time together.

Albie and Phil play football in EastEnders

Sharon is warmed to see them enjoy playing football in the Square. She then convinces Callum to ask Phil to join Ben’s prison phone call.

Sharon looks upset in EastEnders

However, Callum starts asking questions about Dean and Keanu and surprised Sharon leaves. Phil later heads back to No.43 and sees a suspicious text from Linda on Sharon’s phone. He confronts Sharon and demands to know the truth… Will Sharon reveal all?

3. Callum’s suspicions grow in EastEnders spoilers

Callum in EastEnders looks concerned

Callum tells Sharon he is speaking to the detectives who investigated Keanu’s murder. She is terrified and heads straight for a meeting with Linda, Johnny and Jack to discuss how to throw him off the scent.

Jack Branning and Callum Highway look serious as they talk

Jack later speaks to Callum to try and put him off on a professional level. However, will it be enough?

Johnny and Callum in EastEnders talk

Johnny certainly doesn’t think so and steps in himself. He uses Ben’s absence to try and convince Callum not to pursue his suspicions. But will this just rouse Callum’s concerns further?

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4. Yolande in turmoil

Yolande Trueman looks angry

Patrick tries to convince Yolande to skip Jordan’s baptism, but she is adamant she is attending. Yolande is annoyed with Patrick for meddling, but Elaine gives her some advice which lifts her up.

Pastor Clayton and his wife smile patronisingly at Yolande in EastEnders

However, then she runs into Pastor Clayton and his wife outside the Community Centre. The encounter throws her, but how will she move forward?

Denise Fox looks concerned about shaken Yolande Trueman

On the day of Jordan’s baptism, Yolande is anxious. Denise notices something is up and tries to speak to her separately.

Denise Fox looks concerned about shaken Yolande Trueman in EastEnders

Yolande soon has a heart to heart with Bernie about bravery and she decides to go ahead with the baptism. However, it soon gets all too much and she shouts at Pastor Clayton before rushing out. Will she be okay?

5. The men’s fishing trip sparks concern

Denzel in EastEnders lays into Howie

Howie, Jack, Billy and Stevie are off on a Father’s Day fishing trip to bond with their sons. Denzel is annoyed when his phone is confiscated for the duration of the trip.

Will and Stevie Mitchell look hopefully at Billy Mitchell in Albert Square

However things soon take a turn when Stevie calls Billy by the wrong name. Should he be worried for his dad’s wellbeing?

6. Will caught stealing

Stevie Mitchell catches grandson Will stealing money from Honey's purse

Billy confiscates Will’s phone back in Walford after a row. Stevie steps in to try and help, but then catches Will stealing money from Honey’s purse.

Stevie Mitchell catches grandson Will stealing money from Honey's purse

Will pretends he’s innocent and Stevie has the wrong end of the stick, but a text on Will’s phone reveals the truth. Will admits he’s being blackmailed.

7. Phil foils Stevie’s attempts to help

Stevie and Mo in EastEnders flog stolen toasters and are stopped by Phil

Instead of telling Billy the truth, Stevie resolves to help Will and turns to Mo. They start selling stolen goods to raise the money for Will. But Phil soon meddles.

Billy and Honey Mitchell look angry on the market as Stevie tries to explain himself

It’s not long before Honey and Billy put a stop to their unlicensed stall. But will Stevie confess why he was really doing it?

8. EastEnders spoilers The Walford talent show!

Priya sings at the Walford talent show in EastEnders

A fundraiser talent show is being held at The Vic in honour of Lola. The fundraiser gets in full swing with Priya singing.

Jay plays guitar at the Walford talent show in EastEnders

Jay then plays his guitar in tribute to his late wife.

Mo and Stevie do a magic act at the Walford talent show in EastEnders

Stevie isn’t in the mood to celebrate however as he feels guilty for letting Will down. But Mo soon cheers him up and they put on a magic show which the Walford residents love. However, soon everyone’s horrified to learn the money raised has been stolen. Who has taken it?

9. Harvey confesses to Maya

Maya in EastEnders looks away as Harvey looks serious in Walford East

Maya and Harvey go for lunch, but things soon sour between them. Harvey admits the truth about his son’s criminal past and Maya is clearly shaken.

Maya in EastEnders looks away as Harvey looks serious in Walford East

Harvey worries he’s lost Maya as a friend for good when she later doesn’t respond to his text. However she is seen looking up details of Aaron and exactly what he did. Will she stay away from Harvey now she knows the truth?

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