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Emmerdale: Ella is a child killer, soap reveals

Liam discovered the truth tonight

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Emmerdale has revealed Ella Forster’s big secret – she is a child killer. The truth came out tonight at the funeral of June, who Ella had claimed was her mum.

Liam decided to support Ella at the service having no idea what the truth really was. But how will he react now the truth is out?

Ella smiles weakly as she visits a care home in Emmerdale
June’s true identity was revealed (Credit: ITV)

Manpreet confesses Ella’s secret

It’s been clear Ella has been hiding something for months. She has been acting suspiciously and was found living in her car just the other week.

She also refused to have her photo taken for the local paper and snapped at Mandy when she found an old photo of her. Leyla has been digging into her to try and prove to her ex, Liam, he can’t trust Ella.

Tonight (Thursday May 30) Ella disappeared, with Liam telling her she didn’t need to explain to him where she was going. But Manpreet knew the truth, that Ella was attending June’s funeral.

Eventually Manpreet told Liam that Ella’s mother had died and she was going to the funeral. Upset Liam wanted to support her so got changed and went to the service.

Liam in Emmerdale looks worried
Liam was shocked at what unfolded (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Ella exposed

Only when he got there, there was no sign of Ella. Viewers could see she was lurking in the shadows, but June’s nephew was suspicious of who Liam was and accused him of being press.

Liam was confused and explained he must have the wrong church. He then said he was June’s daughter’s boyfriend. The man flipped and grabbed Liam, calling him sick.

“June’s daughter’s dead. She’s lying right there,” Gary revealed.

Ella then came running round the corner and told him to leave Liam alone.

“You know her? You’re with her?” Gary asked. When Liam revealed she was his girlfriend, Gary spat: “You’re worse than I thought. It should be you in that hole, not her.”

“I’m sorry,” Ella cried weakly.

“You never should have come here,” he retorted. “You’re scum. You’re a murderer. Child killer.”

As Ella ran off, the camera then panned in on a grave stone reading: “Joanne Phillips 1994-2005.”

Ella looks surprised in Emmerdale
Ella had been acting suspiciously for weeks (Credit: ITV)

Fans react

Although we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out exactly who Ella killed and why, fans had plenty to say about the storyline. Mainly how shocked they were at the twist.

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