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13 EastEnders spoilers for next week including Cindy’s bold move, Bianca kicked out and Maya disappears

George Knight is in her sights

EastEnders spoilers for next week include Cindy making her feelings for George clear, Bianca getting on Reiss’ nerves and Maya going missing.

Here are 13 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week.

EastEnders: Anna, George, Cindy, Elaine Gina and Jack talk in The Vic
Anna won’t go to the police (Credit: BBC)

1. Cindy tries to prove herself

Ian breaks the news to Cindy that Anna was mugged and she’s horrified. She feels even worse when Kathy calls her a bad mum.

Cindy rushes over to The Vic with Jack to get Anna’s statement for the police. But she insists she doesn’t want the police involved and just wants to forget all about it.

Cindy Beale looks unimpressed with Ian's flowers
Ian is not her No.1 priority right now (Credit: BBC)

2. Cindy rejects Ian

Ian gives Cindy flowers to apologise for Kathy’s attack earlier. But Cindy is rude and makes it clear he’s not a priority.

She instead heads to the Boxing Den with George to watch CCTV footage and see if they can catch the mugger.

3. EastEnders spoilers: Cindy wants George

Determined to get closer to George, Cindy then heads to No.55 to talk about how to help Anna. But she soon arrives and is surprised to find them together.

Anna leaves and Cindy ups her attempts to reel George in. However as she leaves, Junior is watching from the shadows.

George in EastEnders folds his arms as he talks to Cindy
Will George give in? (Credit: BBC)

4. Cindy makes her move

On a mission to get George back, Cindy organises a family movie night. Elaine offers Anna The Vic living room for the event.

Meanwhile, after a row with Ian, Cindy heads back to No.55 to see George who is making dinner. She is dressed seductively and makes it clear what she wants.

EastEnders: Ian looks resigned as he stares at his romantic meal for two
Is Ian’s heart about to be broken (Credit: ITV)

5. Has Ian lost Cindy?

As Cindy tries to entice George, Ian is waiting at home with a romantic meal for two. Has he lost her though?

6. Ravi is suspicious in EastEnders spoilers

Wondering if Vinny’s intentions are true, Ravi voices his concerns to Nish. Nish tells Ravi to dig deeper and see if Vinny is genuine.

Vinny swears his loyalty and manages to convince Ravi he’s on the level. Meanwhile Ravi pledges to be there for Nish no matter what.

Meanwhile, at No.41 Suki and Vinny go over their plan to reclaim the Panesar empire…

Eve and Suki row in EastEnders
Eve has no idea what Suki is up to (Credit: BBC)

7. Eve lashes out

When she spots Vinny cosying up to Nish, Eve is sickened. Suki shuts her down. When Eve then sees Nish in The Vic she starts a row with him. Suki drags her away to protect her, but will she confess what’s really going on?

Ravi and Priya have an argument in EastEnders
Ravi is upset by Priya (Credit: BBC)

8. Priya makes her move

Upset to have been left out of the family meal, Priya storms in and demands to know why she wasn’t invited. Ravi begs her not to cause trouble and reminds her he’s just trying to get close to his dying father.

Priya then blatantly cosies up to Nish herself leaving Ravi fuming. He pulls her up on it and she accuses them of trying to manipulate Nish. But is she right?

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Reiss, Sonia and Bianca have an uncomfortable conversation
Bianca offends Reiss (Credit: BBC)

9. Reiss wants Bianca gone

With Bianca devastated that Whitney still won’t forgive her, she squabbles with Reiss. She then drowns her sorrows at Peggy’s and when she gets home she has a huge falling out with her sister’s fella.

With Bianca saying some hurtful things, Reiss tells Sonia Bianca has to leave.

10. Sonia worries

With Sonia trying to mediate and change Reiss’ mind about Bianca, Reiss stands firm. However, bigger things are soon on their mind and they find themselves with far more to worry about…

EastEnders: Sonia look concerned as she talks to Reiss
Will Phil give Reiss work? (Credit: ITV)

11. Reiss needs work

With Reiss in need of work, Kathy suggests Phil may need a new accountant. Phil agrees to interview Reiss the following day, however things don’t go to plan. Has Reiss blown his big shot?

Maya and Harvey look troubled as they talk over drinks in EastEnders
What is Maya hiding? (Credit: BBC)

12. Maya disappears

Harvey loses new friend Maya‘s number and so gets Tommy to search for her online. Maya then arrives in Walford fuming that Harvey went through her socials.

He apologises and they go for a drink, where Maya reveals her husband died last year. She later leaves her hat behind and when Harvey goes to message her about it, he finds her profile deleted. Where has she gone?

EastEnders: Junior reasons with George
George and Junior strike up a deal (Credit: BBC)

13. EastEnders spoilers: Junior needs George

Junior gets bad news on his business deal and George steps in. He offers to become a silent partner. Junior clearly isn’t keen, but says he’ll think about it.

With Junior facing an uncertain future, he eventually agrees to George’s investment proposal. But is this really a good idea?

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