Coronation Street comp image: Lauren and Joel (Credit: ITV/Comp ED!)

Coronation Street confirms Joel was responsible for Lauren’s disappearance

Dee-Dee's boyfriend is hiding a violent side

Coronation Street has confirmed Joel Deering was behind what happened to missing Lauren Bolton. Dee-Dee’s lawyer boyfriend was exposed in flashbacks as the culprit who beat Lauren with a chair leg.

The scenes showed Lauren struggling with a man wearing black gloves. She screamed: “I don’t like this, I don’t want to do this any more, you’re scaring me.”

She was then pinned to the floor and hit over the head.

Nathan with DS Swain on Corrie
Joel was representing Nathan (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Nathan arrested

The scenes played out as Nathan was being questioned by DS Swain and Kit. Joel was his solicitor and the footage viewers saw made us think Nathan was guilty.

Joel tried to fight for his client: “If the O-Vidz account is all you have connecting my client to Lauren Bolton then you’ve not got enough to charge him. And this line of colouful questioning, it’s just a fishing expedition,” he said.

However, the police then revealed they had forensic evidence of Lauren in Nathan’s van. Nathan insisted Sarah Platt had planted it. He revealed Kit had witnessed Sarah snooping around his van.

Joel then questioned Kit over this, who insisted Sarah had just had a go at Nathan and had no time to plant evidence. Joel said he was satisfied Nathan was just desperate.

What flashbacks really showed was that Kit had planted Lauren’s hair, not Sarah! Is he in on this too? Why would he do that and keep Sarah’s involvement a secret? Is he just trying to further his police career by winning on a big case? Or is there more to it?

Coronation Street: Griff holds a knife to struggling Roy's throat in the prison cell
Griff wanted Roy’s confession (Credit: ITV)

Roy gets out

Meanwhile, Griff was holding Roy hostage trying to get him to kill himself. When Roy refused and tried to raise the alarm, Griff held a knife to his throat.

Sobbing Roy called Nina to say goodbye, but then the guards burst in and rescued him. Nina then told Roy he was getting out. In emotional scenes we saw her greet Roy at the prison.

He was them welcomed home by his friends in the cafe, who gave him and Dee-Dee a round of applause.

Joel in Coronation Street looks serious
Joel is not such a good guy after all (Credit: ITV)

Joel revealed as Lauren’s ‘killer’ in Coronation Street

However, the real truth was still to come out. In fact, it turned out there was a reason Joel was happy to accept Kit’s woolly explanation for what happened at the van.

Joel left the party in Roy’s Rolls after citing a ‘long day’, but what we then saw was Hope confronting him by his car. She gave Joel the necklace she found under the seat and then walked off.

We then flashed back to Joel violently assaulting Lauren before stealing the necklace and fleeing the flat.

We’re still not definitely sure of Lauren’s fate (Credit: ITV)

So, is Lauren dead in Coronation Street?

Corrie didn’t answer everything – hopefully that will come tomorrow night. But what we don’t know right now is whether Lauren definitely died, nor whether Joel moved her body.

He seemed to flee, so did he return? Or did someone else come back and help?

Or is Lauren still alive and in hiding, fearing for her life? Could he have her tied up somewhere? We’ll have to wait for tomorrow to find out more!

Fan reaction

Many fans had already guessed Joel was behind Lauren’s disappearance and they immediately shouted: “Knew it!” as the truth was revealed.


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