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EastEnders summer preview: 7 spoilers including Nish death shock, rekindled romances, and drama for Denzel!

There's a lot going on in Albert Square, with things heating up as the sun comes out!

EastEnders is heating up as summer approaches, with some rekindling of romances, a shocking return and challenges for Yolande.

Here’s our rundown on everything you can expect to see in Albert Square this summer with some steamy spoilers for EastEnders.

Nish Panesar looks calculated as he stands in the rain in EastEnders
Nish is back, but what’s he up to? (Credit: BBC)

Nish is back in EastEnders spoilers!

Suki and Eve have been enjoying life on the Square together since Nish was driven out by his family. But Nish is on his way back to Walford with a shocking announcement – he’s dying!

Obvs everyone thinks that lying, manipulative Nish is making the whole thing up but is he? And why has he come back to Walford? With Dean Wicks safely banged up after being framed for killing Keanu at Christmas, The Six thought they were off the hook but if Nish is sniffing round again, could there be trouble in store for the wily women of Walford?

Maya smiles in EastEnders
Maya and Harvey hit it off straightaway (Credit: BBC)

Harvey cheats?

We love Harvey and Jean together so we weren’t happy to hear that former Doctors star Bharti Patel is joining EastEnders as Maya Houssain – a woman who hits it off with Harvey.

The pair bond over their love of football, though Jean isn’t quite as welcoming to the newcomer and Kat is downright suspicious of her intentions.

What is Maya up to and why has she come to the Square?

Things aren’t good for George and Elaine (Credit: BBC)

George and Elaine – over for good?

With George and Elaine’s romance on the rocks, things look bleak for the Queen Vic’s landlord and landlady. It’s not long before Cindy sees her chance and takes up position behind the bar – just lending a hand, but Elaine’s not happy about it!

Does Cindy really want George back, or is she just out to make trouble? Because as we all know, there’s one word Cindy really doesn’t like to hear – and that’s ‘no’!

Can Peter and Lauren make another go of it? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Peter and Lauren back together?

Lauren’s licking her wounds after her – ahem – indiscretions with Zack but she’s down, but definitely not out. Since she returned to Albert Square in the new year, it’s been clear Ms Branning still has feelings for baby daddy Peter Beale. Could the pair move on from their rocky past and get back together?

Are Kat and Alfie made for each other? (Credit: BBC)

Kat gets her man on the moon?

Meanwhile, across the Square, Freddie Slater is determined to reunite his auntie Kat and her ex-husband Alfie Moon.

There’s been a lot of water – not to mention a baby and a couple of weddings – under the bridge since the pair were last an item. They clearly get on brilliantly, but is the spark still there, or are they better as friends?

Yolande Trueman looks upset and lost
Yolande’s been struggling (Credit: BBC)

Yolande’s struggle

Since she told Patrick the truth about Pastor Clayton‘s assault, Yolande has been struggling with her next move. She decided not to tell the police, but did report the pastor’s assault to the church and it is now being investigated. How will Yolande cope with her experience being dragged up again? Will she and Patrick make it through together? And will Pastor Clayton get his comeuppance?

Denzel’s in a bad place (Credit: BBC)

Danes drama in EastEnders spoilers

Howie Danes and his partner Kim are currently sailing the high seas with Kim’s two kids Pearl and Mica. Meanwhile, Howie’s teen son Denzel is not in a good place. Abandoned by his dad – and now left alone by Patrick and Yolande as they deal with the aftermath of Yolande’s attack – the teen has been left to make his own mistakes. And he’s made a lot of them!

Denzel’s broken up with girlfriend Amy Mitchell, is treating best friend Nugget terribly, and his fitness obsession has led him to take steroids. Will his dad’s return put an end to the drama, or just make everything worse?

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