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Emmerdale spoilers for next week: First look as pregnant Belle sets fire to the house

Tom is delighted she's carrying his child - she is not

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Belle is devastated to discover she’s pregnant and then she falls asleep with the cooker on…

Also, Vinny and Gabby get together – then immediately break up! And Charles struggles with Ethan’s funeral.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Belle is pregnant

Belle Dingle in Emmerdale looks shell shocked

Belle is horrified to discover she’s pregnant. She fakes illness to hide the truth from Tom and Mandy.

Wendy counsels upset Belle at the doctor's surgery in Emmerdale

Belle registers with the doctor and Wendy supports her.

Belle Dingle in Emmerdale looks shell shocked

Belle is terrified as she’s talked through her options. What will she decide to do?

2. Tom gets violent again

Tom behaves threateningly to Belle Dingle in Emmerdale

When Cain has a go at Tom for selling Belle’s car without consulting him, Tom is furious. He lays into Belle and accuses her of mouthing off.

Emmerdale: Belle cowers back on the sofa as Tom raises his hand to her

Belle insists she didn’t, but Tom soon raises his hand to her. She blurts out that she is pregnant to stop him hitting her.

Belle Dingle looks scared as Tom puts his hands on her knees and pleads with her

Tom’s demeanour totally changes as he pulls her for a hug. Both are crying, but while his are tears of joy, hers are clearly not. Tom promises to be a better husband, but can he really change?

3. Belle starts a fire

Belle in Emmerdale falls asleep on the sofa as a fire starts in the kitchen

When Belle finds herself locked in at home again, she puts some food on the hob to cook and then takes a nap. However, a tea towel soon starts to singe in the kitchen and smoke appears…

4. Vinny and Gabby on – then off!

Vinny and Gabby have a drink in The Woolpack and look a bit awkward

Vinny and Gabby bond over drinks. They get on really well and it seems things are moving in the right direction.

Gabby Thomas and Vinny Dingle kiss at the scrap yard

It’s not long before they share a kiss. However things soon take a turn.

Gabby looks seductively at Vinny in the scrap yard in Emmerdale

Gabby admits she knows Vinny is a virgin and he gets flustered. He calls things off with her.

Gabby and Vinny move in for a kiss at the scrap yard

Gabby is embarrassed and leaves. Vinny, meanwhile feels guilty for his behaviour. Will they give things another shot?

5. Ruby’s guilt grows

Manpreet in Emmerdale looks annoyed talking to Ruby

Manpreet confides in Ruby about Charles. They are both surprised at the turn the conversation takes.

Ruby in Emmerdale looks worried

Ruby is riddled with guilt and desperate to help. Ruby heads to church, where Charles finds her.

Ruby in Emmerdale sits in the church looking guilty as she grips sad Charles' hand for support

She reaches for his hand to comfort him and he allows the gesture. When Ruby returns home she vows to Nicky she will turn herself in. Unable to stand her tears, Nicky consoles her, but will he let her confess?

6. Charles struggles

Charles is conducting Ethan Anderson's funeral and he is overcome with tears

It’s Ethan’s funeral and Charles is conducting the service. But he struggles to lead the congregation, unable to cope with his own grief.

Charles is conducting Ethan Anderson's funeral and he is overcome with tears as he talks to Claudette

Claudette tries to support him as he gets through it.

Charles is conducting Ethan Anderson's funeral and he is overcome with tears

Later, Charles is rude to Manpreet. He gets drunk in the Woolpack and asks her to go. She is hurt, but is their relationship falling apart?

7. Liam torn

Liam Cavanagh looks upset in Emmerdale in the cafe

Following her shock revelation, Liam is still struggling with his feelings for Ella. Torn, can he find any way to give her another chance?

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